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Coming from low-income neighbourhoods many children and youth have never been to the capital’s city center. Therefore to come out of the suburban bubble where they live to discover the beautiful, historical and touristic areas of the city can be a real eye-opening. To learn and see new things in a fun way just brings a smile to everyone’s faces!


The hills and steep staircases of Lisbon are not wheelchair-friendly nor appealing when you are over 70s. One can see some old people around town but the majority with no doubt are behind walls, alone at home or at some nursing place. That is why we take groups of elderly for a ride. They have to look at the river and enjoy the sun because sharing their life stories and socializing at some viewpoint is the best medicine in the whole world!


To show the city to someone that has other ways to see or has to find other ways to reach places where everyone can usually go, is also a goal that we take as ours. No one should be put aside and no one should be constantly facing obstacles. Everyone that is part of this city should enjoy it just like we do it.


Have you ever wondered why so many buildings in Lisbon are missing so many tiles? Yes, it is true. Tiles are being stolen and sold in flea markets as “secondhand”. Do not support this practice. Save our tiles! Here you have some links of projects we like, in case you want to see or buy some tiles: www.margaridamf.com ; www.corticoenetos.com


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