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Who We Are

We are a small and independent non-profit organisation that invests in social projects with the local community, supports a positive kind of tourism and respects Lisboa.
Joana Jacinto
Joana is the person that makes Lisbon Sustainable Tourism what it is - a dream coming true. She has been involved in the project since the beginning of it and she will always be available to sit with anyone that wants to share ideas about it. She will be the one you will meet on the tours and the one that will be smiling together with the kids or the elderly of this city.
bruno gomes
Bruno Gomes is the founder of one of the first tour companies in Lisbon - We Hate Tourism Tours. He started using the vans of his own company to give free rides to the elderly and to the children of the city. By using the resources for tourists for the benefit of locals he was the first one giving back to the city. Bruno was the one that came up with the idea of Lisbon Sustainable Tourism but as he says, his grandpa is the responsible for it.

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