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Don’t be afraid to get lost, there is always a corner to fall in love with and a viewpoint to rest a bit. Also, if you climb some hills you can try the pastries ;)
Leave the sardines alone! Unless it is summer and our fishermen are catching them, you shouldn’t pay a fortune to eat frozen sardines.
cod fish
*PORTUGUESE BASICS Bom dia means Good morning, and Obrigado means Thank you. SAUDADE is what you’re going to feel after leaving our city.
street art
If you’re into street art: there is an open air art gallery by GAU in Calçada da Glória and in Rua da Artilharia 1 Lisbon’s “wall of fame”
fado, guitar
Go to Rua do Capelão to see the faces of Fado in the streets of Mouraria. Also in Mouraria you will see different smiles and different nations.
tram 28
If you want to take the 28, don’t forget it is a public transport. Choose to do it before or after rush hour and please, let all the elderly cut the queue.
bom apetite
“Tascas” are the best places to eat local food. This is the place that doesn’t come in any guide and you won’t find the menu in English, but don’t be shy to get in and try the dish of the day - “prato do dia” in Portuguese.
To visit Cacilhas take the ferry boat from Cais do Sodré. There you can order seafood and check the view of the city.
Lisbon tiles
Tiles are beautiful, but on buildings. If you buy them in fleamarkets or secondhand shops, they are most probably stolen. Please save our tiles
red wine or white wine?
The best of Lisbon is the sun. To enjoy it, go to a viewpoint, get a bottle of wine and invite us! ;) ..we can share more secrets.

Map and responsible guide

This map is your responsible guide to Lisbon. In it, you will find some tips, local projects that are doing good and are worth supporting as well as some Portuguese expressions for you to impress the locals. Use it for a better experience and travel to become a better person.

You can find this map in the centre of Lisbon. Turisma Store & Luggage Room in Rua da Misericórdia 14, 1st floor.